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Your employee benefits broker is an essential hire. We help you manage a budget of 25%-40% of payroll. We assist employers with a positive impact on the financial wellbeing of your company. We have a profound positive effect on the health and welfare of your employees and their families. We work with our clients to ensure employees have all the coverage, support, and communication they need. Why do so many employers fail to properly select a broker? There are three primary reasons: First, employers don’t select brokers very often, they are solicited. Second, it is often hard for employers to understand how different brokers deliver different results. Third, they don’t see a measurable difference in broker options. At Advocate Consulting Group, we are the experts of choice!

Employee Benefits

Our consultants have expertise in fully-funded and self-funded group health plans, as well as ancillary benefits such as group life, dental, vision, short and long term disability and much more. Read More >>

Business Insurance

Our goal is to provide a fully integrated insurance portfolio which will provide protection for all of the assets of your company through the use of various insurance products. Read More >>

PEO, Payroll, and HR Solutions

You can rely on our expertise and relationships to secure the lowest cost with your Payroll, your PEO Solutions, and your HR services. Read More >>

About Us

Our firm was founded in 1998 with the purpose of providing quality products that fit the specific needs of our clients. With over 75 combined years of experience working with all the various vendors, our commitment is to always provide the best possible price, solution, and more importantly the plans that fit our client’s needs. At Advocate, the customer comes first. It is our mission to deliver a consistently high standard of customer care for all our clients in all areas of service. We are committed to elevating efficiency, quality, and performance.
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Our Services

Employee Benefits, Business Insurance, PEO and Payroll Negotiations, HR TPA Services.

Employee Benefits

We assist companies in selecting the best employee benefit packages, at the lowest cost, and best service.

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HR TPA Services

Advocate takes the guesswork out of HR and compliance so you have time to manage your workplace with confidence.

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Business Insurance

Advocate works with insurance carriers of all sizes so that you have the best options possible when searching for business insurance plans that fit your needs.  Business insurance made simple.  That is what we do best.

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PEO and Payroll Solution

At Advocate, when we say comprehensive, we mean it. We also work closely with every PEO and Payroll vendor to provide the best price, design, technology, and EDI feeds.

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